Timothy Jones, Founder and CEO

Timothy R. Jones, Founder and CEO, Physician Perfected MedicinalsTimothy Jones, founder of Physician Perfected Medicinals, Ltd., became interested in natural medicines in 1989 when he was a graduate student and videographer with a Cornell University research team collecting data for the groudbreaking book on health, lifestyle and nutrition, The China Study.

While gathering data on the residents of Hainan Island, a headache drove Tim into a traditional Chinese pharmacy seeking relief. Once there, he spent hours looking into hundreds of drawers filled with exotic plants, sea life, and even insects and reptiles. Thus began a lifelong fascination with the wide spectrum of beneficial things found in nature, and used for centuries for healing.

A serial entrepreneur, Tim made many trips to China over the years on business, and always made time to visit pharmacies, talk to doctors and learn more about traditional Chinese medicine.

Tim Jones founded Physician Perfected Medicinals to produce high quality supplements from natural materials, guided by ethnopharmacological traditions and backed by clinical evidence. “Although tradition is our guide, evidence is key,” Jones emphasizes.

Tim has been traveling lately to Alaska, Korea, and once again to China, to research several new and promising evidence-based natural remedies for the Physician Perfected line of products.

Timothy R. Jones is a native of Michigan and has a BS in Crop Science from Michigan State University. He earned an MPS in Communications, with emphasis on scientific subject matter, from Cornell University. Tim also has a JD from Cooley Law and has been admitted to the Michigan State Bar. He is an Attorney in private practice in Ann Arbor, in addition to being Founder and CEO of Physician Perfected Medicinals, Ltd., a company devoted to the manufacture of evidence-based nutritional supplements and natural medicinals.