Polyrhachis Ant Extract Testimonials

One of our patients stopped by the office shortly after beginning to take our Polyrhachis Ant Extract. She was ecstatic about the improvement in her joint pain and inflammation. She bought three more bottles of the Extract, one more for herself and two for family members. A week later, she stopped in again to pick up three more bottles for friends and family.

Polyrhachis really works! The pain used to be there day and night, and at the end of the day, I used to ache all over. I could tell you when it was going to rain based on how much my joints hurt. All the aches are gone now! I really consider myself pain-free. --Evelyn, 49, Hospital Lab Courier

We asked Evelyn how long it took her to see results, and she said her pain began fading after two and a half weeks of taking Polyrhachis Ant Extract. We were delighted to hear this, as it confirms the findings of the ground-breaking College of Traditional Medicine Nanning clinical trial of 18,435 cases of rheumatoid arthritis treated with Polyrhachis ant extract. In that study, abatement of symptoms was typically noted after 2 weeks, with marked improvement occurring in the 6th to 12th week of treatment.

Here's a wonderful note we recently received from another patient who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis:

I thought I had carpel tunnel, but my doctor diagnosed arthritis in my
wrists. I tried everything I could, and then a friend told me about Polyrhachis Ant Extract. After the pain got really bad, my friend loaned me half of
her bottle... and I got better! My husband Tom laughed at first, but I
improved so much that he stopped laughing. Later, I was able to stop
the ant extract, but when the pain returned after a few months, the ant
extract helped stop it again! Now Both Tom and I are convinced the ant
medicine works. We will always keep a bottle around. Thank you! --Diane
Z., Age 57


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